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Local Program for 2016-2017

At the April 2, 2016, Program Planning Meeting held at the home of Betty Brugger, the fifteen LWVE members in attendance reached consensus on the following Local Program for the 2016-2017 League year:

  •  Through referenda and/or other actions, support state-wide efforts of the League of Women Voters of Illinois to improve political and fiscal accountability in Illinois government or budget, focusing on redistricting, budget priorities, failure to adopt a budget, and/or tax policy. Design strategies for mobilizing LWVE members to effect change.

  •  Support the Evanston Livability Plan’s goal of continued reduction of Evanston carbon emissions. Suggested steps include becoming members of groups/organizations already working in this area; holding public meetings on a climate-related topic; and publishing at least one educational article in the Intercom.

  •  Promote expansion of affordable housing and enforcement of fair housing laws in Evanston by working with a coalition of like-minded organizations seeking to influence the City to increase its impact; develop strategies to generate greater visibility and public understanding of these issues.

  •  Develop a clearer understanding of the City’s decision-making process as it relates to public initiatives and capital projects, in order to suggest an improved process by which City staff and City Council will more effectively identify and collaborate with major stake-holders from the public and from City Boards, Committees, and Commissions.