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The LWVE is a 501(c)3 organization. Memberships and donations are tax deductible, and support our local activities and programs.
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Serving the people of Evanston & Skokie, Illinois, since 1922.


The Evanston League is a non-partisan political organization with the rich history of voter and citizen education in the Evanston community.

Our members are women and men of every age, race, background, and political perspective who believe that informed citizens are the key to effective government.

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How will the LWV of Evanston Observe its 100th anniversary?
A committee has begun the 2022 anniversary planning process and they will welcome your help. Discussion at the first meeting highlighted a desire to take a look at the League from the historical perspective, but to also focus on how the Evanston League will contribute to the community in the future. Members have begun sifting through League records archived at the Evanston History Center to learn more about our story, the first step to connecting past issues with current community interests and challenges.

If you are a life member and willing to talk with us about your League experiences, if you are interested in doing some research, if you could assist with turning selected themes and historical facts into articles or displays, or if you just have ideas or an interest in local history, please send an email to
lwvevanston@gmail.comOur next meeting will be December 1, at 3:30 by Zoom.Register here to attend.

Watch City Council and Follow the Action!
The newly elected Evanston City Council is addressing challenging issues and considering how to spend millions in American Rescue Act funds.  You can watch their debates and help to inform other league members by joining the
LWVE Observer Corps. Observers function as the eyes and ears of the League, observing public meetings and reporting back to the League. Reports and follow-up action help to ensure that citizens are aware of the local decisions that impact their lives.  Current observers will be happy to mentor you and describe the work of different committees.  If you want to learn more about how the League engages with Evanston government bodies, please contact us.

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Missed the Illinois Criminal Justice Bill Explained?
Sarah Staudt, Senior Policy Analyst and Staff Attorney for the Chicago Appleseed Center for Fair Courts, outlines the elements of the Illinois Pretrial Fairness Act passed last February. Discussion includes implementation plans for the elimination of cash bail, the current situation related to Electronic Monitoring in Cook County, and efforts to improve data collection related to pre-trial processes throughout the state. This legislation reflects many aspects of the new LWV of Illinois position on criminal justice that Evanston League members studied last year. Click 
here  to view this presentation on YouTube.

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