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The LWVE is a 501(c)3 organization. Memberships and donations are tax deductible, and support our local activities and programs.
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Serving the people of Evanston & Skokie, Illinois, since 1922.

Local Program for 2017-2018

This program was approved at the annual meeting on May 23, 2017. 

Take appropriate action or participate or partner with and support like-minded organizations and coalitions in Evanston and other northern suburban communities to advocate for issues consistent with League positions, including but not limited to, environmental, fair and affordable housing, welcoming communities, safety, civics education and equity in local government. Focus areas include:

  • Support the Evanston Liveability Plan goal of continued reduction of Evanston carbon emissions. Work to ban the use of coal tar sealants in Evanston and at the state level and support the efforts of LWV-LMR to restore and protect the Great Lakes. Suggested steps include: holding public meeting on a climate-related topic and publishing at least one educational article in the Intercom.


  • Promote expansion of affordable housing and enforcement of fair housing laws in Evanston by working with like-minded organizations seeking to influence the City to increase its impact; develop strategies to generate greater visibility and public understanding of these issues.

  • Monitor the work of the new City of Evanston Equity and Empowerment Coordinator; gain an understanding of the goals of the position; monitor progress, strategies for involving all city departments, and community input.

  •  Conduct a study of the City Clerk’s office, including a comparison of how this role is handled by other municipalities; consider whether the Clerk’s role should continue to be an independent elected official or integrated into city government.


  • Support statewide efforts of the LWVIL to improve political and fiscal accountability in Illinois government, focusing on redistricting, budget priorities, failure to adopt a budget and/or tax policy. Design strategies for mobilizing LWVE members to effect change through statewide initiatives.