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The LWVE is a 501(c)3 organization. Memberships and donations are tax deductible, and support our local activities and programs.
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LWVE Program for 2021-2022

At the
May, 2021 League of Women Voters of Evanston Annual Meeting (on Zoom,) members in attendance online approved areas of focus for the 2021-2022 local program. Leaders in each area will be taking steps in the coming weeks to define plans for the year, and they need your involvement! To get involved in any of these areas, email:

Climate: (Click here  for more information.)  LWVE will back state and national League of Women Voters climate action priorities and will support the City of Evanston in implementing its Climate Action and Resilience Plan

Council/Manager Form of Government: LWVE will form a working group to review LWVE Position (2005) supporting Council/Manager form of government in Evanston; report to League members for discussion and consensus to retain or update; and engage in education and advocacy under the approved position as appropriate.

Zoning and Housing: LWVE will form a working group to review and update current positions on zoning and housing, to gain an understanding of revisions in local and county ordinances over the past ten to fifteen years; identify the relationship between
zoning and housing policy and how they affect each other; and to consider current equity and affordability issues as they relate to both housing and zoning policy. Continue to engage in education and advocacy under the approved position as appropriate.

Health Equity in Evanston: LWVE will form a working group to examine health equity, broadly defined, in Evanston; to identify resources providing health services in Evanston; to understand work of public and private organizations serving underserved communities; educate League members on findings; and advocate with Evanston bodies as appropriate.