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To learn more about the League of Women

Voters and the types of activities we are

involved in, please see this extremely

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Elected LWVE officers for 2017-18 include:

Co-Presidents: Casey Christensen & Julianne Dieterich
Vice President, Voter Service: Jennifer Lee O'Neil

Vice President, Membership: Vacant
Secretary:  Candice Dalrymple
Treasurer: Betty Brugger

The League has an active presence in the Evanston

community. Our organization serves the needs of

community through programs such as:

  • Public meetings on current governmental issues

  • Sponsorship of candidate debates

  • Observing and reporting on Evanston governmental boards and commissions

  • Voter registration

  • Action on selected topics which the League has studied

The League serves the interests of our members, too, with networking opportunities through our monthly luncheons, a chance to be up close and personal with state and local legislators at our annual summer luncheon, getting the buzz on issues through the Intercom newsletter.

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Be informed about our organization through this site.
Contact us with your comments and opinions, and take action to be an informed voter.

Board members Pictured, Seated L-R:  Betty Hayford, Julianne Dieterich, Casey Christensen,

Jessie Feldman  Standing, L-R: Karen Telser,  Jennifer Lee O'Neil, Joan Lakebrink, Gloria Callaci, Betty Brugger, Penny Doyle, Cate Whitcomb Not pictured: Candice Dalrymple, Karen Telser

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