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The LWVE is a 501(c)3 organization. Memberships and donations are tax deductible, and support our local activities and programs.
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Serving the people of Evanston & Skokie, Illinois, since 1922.

This message from our League archives rings as clear today as it did in 1925... and today we also encourage the strong participation of men and women.

  • Every woman in Evanston should be a member of this organization of education. It is the only national non-partisan organization existing solely for the political education of women.

  • This organization does not duplicate the work of other organizations-- it works all the year around before elections to secure information for women voters; between elections to secure wise legislation and sound public administration. It gives the woman, who is new in the community, an opportunity to join with other women in the work that interests her without waiting years for admission and the payment of large dues.

  • It develops the intelligence of the individual voter through discussions and unbiased and non-partisan information on parties, candidates, and measures. It provides a meeting ground for women of all parties where they may exchange ideas and work together for the things in which they have a common interest.

  • It also urges women to enroll in the political parties and to work through them to improve the machinery of government.

  • These things are for the best interest of our town, state and country and the information should be sought by the women of Evanston when it is so easily obtained.

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The League of Women Voters of Evanston is a nonpartisan organization that promotes political responsibility through informed and active participation of the citizens in government. The League works to influence public policy through citizen education and advocacy.

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